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Gulvkanonen is good at sanding a variety of different wooden floors. It has many years of work experience. They come up with different price ranges and have a variety of non-binding offers. Also, Gulvkanonen has a three-year guarantee on all work performed. They receive payments and after examining the condition of the floor on which the work has to be done, they suggest different floor treatments for their customers to choose from.

For example White matte lacquer, Natural wood varnish, White lye and white soap. In White matte lacquer, they do sanding of 30m2 and then they do treatment with3x white matte lacquer including 2 door steps, waste disposal and a three-year warranty is also offered with the price range starting from 4500 including vat. They also offer natural food varnish in which they do sanding of 50m2 treatment of 3x natural food varnish including 3 doorsteps, waste disposal and a 3-year warranty and the starting price of natural food varnish is 7500 including vat.

And another treatment they do is white lye and white soap in this treatment in which they do sanding of 80m2. Then, they do the treatment with 1x white lye and 1x white soap including 4 door steps with waste disposal and with a three-year warranty while the price starts from 11500 including vat. However, the prices might vary according to the condition of the floor.

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Gulvkanonen gives you security and safety when you leave the task to competent professional floor workers. If you are feeling the need for floor sanding and live in Silkeborg and the surrounding area, Gulvkanonen is surely the best choice as they can help you get a nice and satisfactory result.

At Gulvkanonean they are proud of their employees as they use professionals for all the tasks along with professional machines and materials of the best quality. They offer several different services, each with special benefits so if you need competent help with floor sanding in Silkeborg, Gulvkanonen is ready to help you. You are welcome to contact them and get a free and completely non-binding offer.