Improving your local SEO strategy

08 August 2021
Anindya Mutsuddy
Improving your local SEO strategy

So you went ahead and started a new website, catered around your home country; Denmark. The local SEO scene in Denmark is upcoming and has massive potential for growth in the coming years. You’ve sorted out your on-page SEO and started to work on off-site SEO to really drive in that growth. However, your results seem to be lacklustre, to say the least. Never fret, you’ve stumbled onto the right place. Today, we’ll take a peek at different ways you could up your local SEO strategy.

Google My Business listing

Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. This is a free tool, offered by Google, that is paramount to your local SEO strategy. After claiming your GMB profile, share daily posts and and various business updates in order to further optimize your GMB listing.

Rake in those customer reviews

Customer reviews play an essential role in your local search ranking. Thus, having authentic, positive reviews will really help you to drive up your rankings. You ought to focus on sites where Google expects businesses to collect reviews. So, in addition to optimizing your GMB listing, do go all out in your social media pages as well.

Go mobile

Smartphones make up an essential part of our lives. Thus, it is a surprise to no one that people would use their smartphones to look up local businesses and listings. In-fact, a solid majority of ‘near me’ searches are made from phones.

Thus, it is quite important that you have your site set up for mobile viewing as well.

Local link building

Previously, we’ve elaborated on the importance of linking building, how they can really drive up the domain authority of your site in the long term. The same applies here, except this time you’re linking to high authority websites in your target location. 

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